Help! Packaging’s stuck on me and I can’t get rid of it!

What’s up with packaging and why do we have so much of it? 

The businesses say, we need to spread awareness about our products, so we need packaging to reflect that!

The consumers say, it’s so nice to have fresh packaging on a brand new product, especially if it looks cool and is designed well! 

There’s no doubt that there’s some magic in good packaging (remember back when you first lifted open the pristine box to your smartphone that came with all of its shiny features and compatibilities). 

But, when packaging alone contributes to 30-35% of municipal landfill waste in industrialized countries, wouldn’t it make more sense to scrap all packaging to conserve the environment? Taking into consideration that all packaging amounts to more trash for our planet, our intrinsic desire to be delighted by a new product won’t make it realistic to abandon packaging altogether. 

What we can think about instead, is this: 

How can we ship undamaged goods to people, while at the same time being able to introduce a brand’s promise, and follow a system that pays homage to the package in its own death (end-of-life)?

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