For building your empire

Doing the right thing rarely comes as the most convenient thing.

While doing the right thing rather than the convenient thing can be more strategic and promising for the long-run, the convenient thing is often faster and cheaper and therefore more desirable for most people who want fast and cheap things.

Many times when I worked in a wood shop as a student, I wanted my projects done quickly and on a tight-to-zero budget. I took shortcuts whenever I could, and created my own makeshift solutions to solve weird joinery and construction issues. The result was some oddly put together projects that were not technically sound. If I had been formally trained in wood construction techniques, I’m sure it would have been a much smoother ride.

The point is, if we want to build anything big, we must take the time to do our own research and understand the things we want to accomplish inside-out.

If I wanted to design and construct a house on my own without any professional guidance (I am no architect nor engineer—huge props to those who are), it would be an absolute disaster if I assumed took shortcuts and created improper solutions for my own convenience.

What convenience loses, is a strong and objective foundation to build upon. Though doing the right thing is much slower, it offers more consideration, longevity, and grit when bad times roll around.

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