Human responses to nature

The laws of nature and science are live events that can act independently of human beings. They have an aliveness of their own, as do we.

Nature is wild and spontaneous, and we seem to try and take every chance we can get to try and tame it.

When our shrubs and bushes grow out and uneven, we cut them back to their square lengths.

When dandelions get in the way of our grass yards, we act by yanking them out or spraying herbicides over them.

When the fall leaves drop to the ground, we rake them together and throw them away instead of leaving it to help fertilize and feed the trees that it came from.

Our initial human response to the spontaneous flavour of nature is to squander and change it to our liking. Much like how a strict parent would treat a child with reckless, ungrounded, uproarious character.

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