Opposites in ideas and systems

An interesting thought was put out by the Toronto Star today:

Make the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) free for everyone.

This way we can include the costs into everyone’s taxes, and $60 million lost through annual fare evasions would no longer be a problem.

The idea of changing Toronto’s public transportation to fit this model would be ideal in some cases (such as the environment and commuting productivity), but if placed on a scale of extremes, it would definitely fit one end of socialism.

With the current system that we have, where everyone is required to pay their fares (minus those 12 and under), it would be fun to entertain the thought of having a free public transportation system.

What if we could apply this form of thinking to more spaces? Entertaining 2 different extremes, what would be the pros and cons of each?

What if all our grocery bills were covered and we could bring back whatever food we wanted from the grocery store? What would that mean for the surrounding food economy? For local farmers? Would peoples health be of more concern? Would everybody be obese? Could that solve a nation’s hunger problem?

What if we were all forced to pay enormous amounts for our basic education? Where would that take our people? Would communities form to create different types of schools for their children to avoid fees?

There are a billion questions we could raise when we imagine putting ourselves through scenarios that oppose each other, and it’s often a worthwhile thought exercise.

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