My previous roommate

My previous roommate used to avoid doing dishes by using disposable styrofoam plates, leftover plastic party utensils, and paper napkins after every meal.

Instead of blaming him for being the bane of the environment, we could take some parts of his behaviour and plan steps for the future.

If more and more people will be strapped on time and won’t have the time to cook (much less clean) we need sustainable options to serve these types of people.

When we boil it down, people just want to eat food. Not many people care to think about what they eat out of so long as it looks clean and reasonable.

Now with this in the picture, what can we do to help these busy people be more sustainable?

While we’re only scratching the surface here, but we can create systems where used dishes don’t have to be washed—they can be put outside the door instead for food services to pick up. We can create food packaging materials that can compost and nourish the soil around us easily instead of using styrofoam. Apartment complexes can have dish collection, and spaces around the community can give monthly memberships for those who want to eat all their meals near home at a homely price.

I can keep giving away ideas but it’d be much more productive to make these things happen instead.


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