Double Cow paradox

At Double Cow, we promote sustainability and while the meaning of sustainability may vary from each individual, we believe that it means this:

Ideally, sustainability should be a system where materials and processes are either complimentary or non-harmful to the surrounding environment and the people that live around it. That should entail no greenhouse gases, and either having all waste materials add nutrients to the environment or leave no trace.

To be fully transparent, Double Cow is far from a truly sustainable brand. In fact, most sustainably-claimed brands and products are not truly sustainable. However, it shouldn’t mean that these brands don’t matter. We’re all in a race to clean up our consumption habits and to buy smarter, but we can’t do it alone. Everyone and everything involved will have to clean up their act as well, including cars, planes, manufacturers of goods, city hall, retail stores, suppliers, restaurants, malls, schools, hotels, and everyone else who lives on the planet.

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