One-size-fits-all strategies are not so convenient to have. For example, we can’t have athletic wear brands (Nike, Adidas, or Lululemon) appeal to everybody. If these brands had the exact same strategies and didn’t have a specific target persona, then we wouldn’t have these athletic wear giants or at least they wouldn’t look like what they are today.

Likewise, donating clothes to a local collection bin in Markham, Ontario so that it goes to nearby shelters where they are needed makes sense. However, donating clothes to an organization that ships your used clothing to developing countries overseas doesn’t. Your compassionate acts are well-intentioned, but doing so would most likely hurt the local economy of where your clothing gets shipped to. Your Western clothing would be seen as more trendy and affordable, thus squandering local clothing production in whichever developing country it goes. The world and its people do not often function in a one-size-fits-all manner.

Cultures, tastes, mannerisms, and habits change wherever you go so make sure who you’re serving gets the actual help they need.

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