All the memory we store in our stuff

Sometimes we put meaning into our objects (that’s when things turn sentimental). A stuffed animal gifted to you by your doting partner is no longer a stuffed animal. It turns into an object of care and love, and serves as a reminder of that person and memory.

A special watch you got as a gift from your father is no longer just a functional object that tells time. Instead it becomes something of a life lesson. To know the value of time and to cherish and spend it wisely for you only have a fixed amount of it.

If we didn’t have these objects to serve us sentimental moments from time to time, how would we be? Would we still think of our loved ones the same way or do we need physical belongings to help us remember them?

With that said, sentimental hoarding is okay and means well but when you start to feel it all pile up when you need the space, letting go can be just as meaningful.

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