We don’t need to throw out what we don’t own

Our old and used physical possessions are not only taking up spaces in our own homes, but they’re also taking up space ownership around the world.

It might sound like an amazing thing; to have pieces of yourself in other places unknown and not in your immediate vicinity — and it certainly is worthy of awe.

If we throw something away, does that mean that we really needed it?

And when we throw something away, we do we really think it goes into?

Our extent of where garbage goes is just out to the front door on the day of waste pickup. That’s the last of where we see things go, and it’s rare for most people to even wonder, where does my garbage go after this?

If making our garbage disappear so quickly and seamlessly is how we live, it’s no wonder that we constantly buy more stuff to fill in what we no longer have, only to throw it all away.

Most of us have no plans for longevity, durability, and sustainability.

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