How do I know that I’m living in excess?

With a 5m radius around my current environment at home, I can easily, with very little effort, list 15 individual things that I don’t need in my life and that I can guarantee myself that I will never need in the future. These 15 things include room decorations, old toys, books that I will probably never go through, a broken amplifier, an old typewriter, craft supplies, a portfolio case, picture frames, a hanging pin board, awards from elementary school, and some never-worn jewelry. I’ve been hoarding all these things I don’t need nor use out of laziness and from thinking that some of these things provide a certain level of joy to me. The reality is that when living in excess, it really just is excess and most of that stuff can be lived without.

Give it a try. Take a look around yourself and see if you can collect up to 10–15 objects that you can think through and prove to yourself that you don’t need.

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